Crimes of the Sarahs by Kristen Tracy


Crimes of the Sarahs by Kristen Tracy

At sixteen, Sarah Trestle has a lot going for her. She's cute, funny, and a terrific alto. She's also great behind the wheel, which is why she drives the getaway car. But Sarah T. doesn't complain; she loves being part of the best clique in Kalamazoo: The Sarahs.

Sarahs Aberdeen, Babbitt, Cody, and Trestle aren't out to hurt anyone--they're simply honing their craft. They start off their summer the usual way: interspersing petty crimes with nature walks, crushes, and volunteer work. Of course, everyone knows that a band of criminals is only as strong as its weakest link. When Sarah T. botches a shoplifting attempt, her fate in The Sarahs is seriously called into question.

And she's willing to do just about anything to prove that she's worthy . . .

Crimes of the Sarahs was released in March 2008 by Simon Pulse.


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