Reviews for Crimes of the Sarahs by Kristen Tracy

"Tracy's story is truly unique and inspiringly entertaining. The dialogue is dryly witty, and Tracy's characters are smart, sassy, and a bit understated. The four girls struggle with real life issues - parents leaving, distant families, pants wetting in stressful situations, and how to stand up to a bossy, sometimes crazed yet totally alone ringleader. The crimes - and the stories between the crimes - tell a hilarious and endearing tale of just how far one will go for friends and what it means to be a 'Sarah.'"
- Ria Newhouse, VOYA

"Walking a delicate and effective balance between psychological thriller and realistic social drama, the book sets up its situation credibly; the follower Sarahs are regular girls rather than wounded and vulnerable souls, and it's the situation and the Sarah cachet that keeps them involved as Sarah A. becomes more unstable. Sarah T., a girl so anxious that she wets her pants in crisis moments, provides an interesting lens into the sisterhood, since her omega status makes her the least questioning but perhaps most observant of all of the Sarahs. There's enough cunning deviousness to keep things juicy but also enough genuine affection and sympathy to keep things humane; Sarah A. may have Bad Seed elements, but ultimately she's an unhappy teenager who's luckier with her friends than she realizes. Edgier than most friendship dramas and more authentic than most psychodramas, this will absorb fans of both genres, who will understand both the thrill and the strain of being a Sarah."
- Deborah Stevenson, Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Tracy gives us a break from the same-old clique novel with her entertaining, different - and theft-happy! - Sarahs. Watching Sarah T wrestle with her independence rings true and cringe-worthy in this highly enjoyable story. Four stars."
- Elissa Petruzzi, Romantic Times

"Crimes of the Sarahs is a wonderful, funny book about friendship and finding yourself. Kristen Tracy is great at creating believable characters and relationships between them. This is a smart, fun book that readers will really enjoy. I could hardly put it down, and Iíll definitely be reading Kristenís first book, Lost It."
- Jocelyn, Teen Book Review

"Crimes of the Sarahs, estrella estrella estrella estrella ½."
- Autoras en la Sombra


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