Sarah A


Name: Sarah Aberdeen

Age: 16

Hair color: Blond

Role in the Sarahs: Leader

Guy interest: Roman Karbowski


Trepassing isn't a true crime. Neither is criminal mischief or vagrancy, because there's no real loss. Nobody suffers. Nobody grieves. But vandalism, that's a crime. Real crimes have victims. Is it that hard to remember?

Some days we act like we're not anything special at all. We act like everyone else. That's a huge mistake. Because if you're not trying hard to be special, then you just fade into the background. You become wallpaper. If you're not the center, then you're just the periphery. I'm not going to settle with being the periphery. I wasn't brought into this world to be the wallpaper.

Life's cruel. Terrible things happen every day. Kids get cancer. People jump off bridges. Space shuttles blow up .

I'm going to be somebody important. And my parents, my real and awful parents, they will look at me and wish they'd made a different choice. They'll look at everything I've done and they'll know, they'll have to know, that what they did was a mistake.


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